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PonyIsland @ LJ

ponyisland.net users at livejournal.com

The PonyIsland LJ
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This is the first community on Livejournal devoted to discussion and connection between users of both Livejournal and the website/game PonyIsland, located at PonyIsland.net.

PonyIsland is a paid, ad-free virtual pet-raising simulation, encompassing aspects of pet ownership and responsibility, strategy, money-management skills, genetics, and breeding as well as being a haven for creative minds. Our charges are ponies that in some ways resemble My Little Ponies- though there are several breeds which have eclipsed that original model completely. Users are given a freeform platform in which they can focus on any aspect of the game that they desire- or none, if they simply prefer to chat on the forums! Ponies and items can be exchanged for one of two in-game currencies or real-time cash.

The PonyIsland Manual provides a much better explanation of the game than I ever could!


1. Keep on topic about PI.
2. No personal attacks.
3. No more than one post about selling ponies or items per user per week.
4. This is a forum for PonyIsland, not adoptables or any of their offshoots. Please take that discussion to it's own community (and I'd be happy to link to it!)
5. Please abide by the PI rules regarding mature content to keep our community in the spirit of PI. We do have under 13's here.

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